Studio, Seoul 2016

Studio, Seoul 2016



My work is a continual search to find a place that can be easily felt. Regardless of the identity of the viewer, the paintings invite an honest, accessible visual experience. They show intimate venues that are slow and still. The viewer is given a frame to feel the space and create a place of their own within the paintings. These “places” are opportunities to understand and reevaluate a sense of identity.

As the viewer spends more time looking, their perceptions will change as the space they see becomes grand in emotional scale.


Chung Park is a Korean-born American artist based in Los Angeles, California. He received his BFA from Boston University and has shown his work internationally and in the US. He recently completed a residency in Korea before relocating to LA in 2018. He is now preparing for an upcoming show in March at Serious Topics in Los Angeles.